The General English programme offers an excellent way for you to consolidate and improve your English language on a self-study basis. There are more

than 1000 exercises for you to work your way through and the programme will keep track of all the results of the exercises you complete. You can check

your answers at any time.

The General English programme contains:

The Workbook:

More than 1.000 (!!!) interactive activities organised into 10 levels (from Elementary to Advanced)

Grammar Book:

Contains comprehensive grammar explanations and examples linked to additional interactive exercises. This includes: Ability Indefinite pronouns Quantifiers Adjectives Interrogative pronouns Question tags Adverbs Invitations Reason Advice Irregular verbs Recommending Alphabet Nouns Reflexive pronouns Numbers Another/Other/Others Refusing Articles Obligation Relative clauses Be Opinion Relative pronouns Passive Comparatives Reported speech Conditionals Past continuous Reporting verbs Conjunctions I Past perfect Result Conjunctions II Past simple Sentence transformations Dates Permission Some/Any Deductions Personal pronouns Still, yet and already Demonstratives Phrasal verbs Suggesting Distributives Possession Thanking Do and Make Prepositions There is/are Present continuous For, since, during, ago Time Future Present perfect Used to/would Greetings Present simple Want, need Have/Have got Purpose Wishes and regrets

Speak & Listen:

Interactive exercises to practice oral skills. Here you can record your own voice and compare the recording with the model.

Read & Write:

Reading comprehension and writing expression activities.


Games and crossword puzzles to help you build your vocabulary.


Each word you look up in the online dictionary will be recorded in your own personal dictionary. You will then be able  to make vocabulary revision exercises automatically.

Student Tracking:

Here you can easily see what exercises you have completed, the results, etc.

Text to Speech:

This is very clever! You highlight a word or sentence or paragraph of text and your “online teacher” will speak it back to you! You can even select a man or a woman’s voice, American or British English – it’s great!