This is an example of a Level 4 candidate taking TEA version 5.0. She was awarded the following scores: Pronunciation 5 Structure 4 Vocabulary 4 Fluency 4 Comprehension 4 Interactions 5 Overall Score 4 Performance Summary: This candidate is generally clear but deviations from clear and accurate vowel and consonant production can be noted in different parts of test. Utterances are sometimes error-free, but patterns of non-interfering errors of basic structures are common, even in work-related or predictable contexts, and errors which may interfere with meaning are present in more cognitively demanding situations. While her vocabulary range is sufficient to communicate on most topics, repeated errors in word form and regular mis- use of words (e.g. mis-translations or mis-collocations) are in evidence, which prevent her from reaching Level 5. She can produce coherent discourse, connecting ideas naturally; however, there is repeated loss of fluency when searching for vocabulary and structures. The interruptions to her flow of speech hold her to Level 4. Her comprehension of examiner questions and prompts is mostly accurate throughout, although she misses the nuance of some of the more complex items. She regularly reports full or general understanding of the non-routine pilot and ATC situations, but many reports contain noticeable omissions of specific details. The need for repetition or clarification is noticeable and is to overcome a lack of initial understanding. She is able to manage the speaker/listener relationship effectively and offer informative and appropriate responses. Many responses are not, however, immediate or effortless. That combined with the imprecision of some her language means Level 5 is most appropriate for Interactions.