The Aviation English programme is aimed at pilots and air traffic controllers who currently have approximately ICAO level 3 and are aiming to reach level 4 and above.


Each week (for 50 weeks) you will receive a new unit (or module) of exercises to be completed. Each module contains approximately 3 hours of exercises making a total of 150 hours. You can see an outline of the what is included in the 50 modules here.


Each module contains: A particular grammar point / function Vocabulary development Listening comprehension exercises based on aviation related news articles (video and audio) The areas of vocabulary, grammar and functions included are considered to be important for the needs of aviation personnel (see ICAO document 9835 AN/453).


Going to the doctors Religion Adjectives to describe people Hair and face Rich and poor Apologies Happy or sad Science Body movements Head and face Serious crime Cars Holidays / Beach holidays Similarity and Difference Computers In Hospital Size and shape Countries Injuries Social Issues Crime and punishment Jobs / employment Telephone Describing Character Liking and disliking The environment Disasters Machines and Equipment The natural World Distance and Speed Materials The senses Driving Money Theft, drugs and other crimes Feeling ill Numbers Time Feelings and emotions Parts of the body Towns and Cities Forms of Transport Politics War General appearance Problems around the house Weather Getting angry Public Transport Wild Animals

Structure / Function

Indefinite pronouns Purpose Ability Interrogative pronouns Quantifiers Adjectives Invitations Question tags Adverbs Irregular verbs Reason Advice Nouns Recommending Alphabet Numbers Reflexive pronouns Another/Other/Others Obligation Refusing Articles Opinion Relative clauses Be Passive Relative pronouns Comparatives Past continuous Reported speech Conditionals Past perfect Reporting verbs Conjunctions I Past simple Result Conjunctions II Permission Sentence transformations Dates Personal pronouns Some/Any Deductions Phrasal verbs 1 Still, yet and already Demonstratives Phrasal verbs 2 Suggesting Distributives Phrasal verbs 3 Thanking Do and Make Phrasal Verbs 4 There is/are For, since, during, ago, from Possession Time Future Prepositions Used to/would Greetings Present continuous Want, need Have/Have got Present perfect Wishes and regrets Present simple   The Mayflower College Online Aviation English programme also includes: An excellent Text to Speech component – you simply highlight any written passage of text and the "speaking pilot" speaks it back to you. It's great! The Workbook: here activities and exercises are organized in levels and units from Elementary to Advanced. There are more than 1000 (!!!) exercises. The Grammar Book: the grammar book is an extensive collection of grammar references which are linked to practice exercises that are designed to help improve your understanding of English grammar. Dictionary: Each word you look up in the online dictionary will be recorded in your own personal dictionary. You will then be able to make vocabulary revision exercises automatically. You have access to a general dictionary and an aviation dictionary. Tracking: Learners (and managers) are able to see the results of each exercise as well as the time spent online.

AVIATION ENGLISH (Standard Programme)